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What is AUS32?

What Is AUS32 ?

The AUS32  is stored in a separate tank on the vehicle and from there is dosed automatically into the exhaust gas, as required to the amount of Nitrous Oxides (NOx) being produced by the engine

Why is AUS32  Quality Important?

All manufacturers of vehicles and machines insist that only urea solutions produced to ISO 22241 standards should be used with the SCR system.

Using uncertified urea solutions can expose you and your vehicles to un-necessary risk. If the quality is not to standard you run the risk of the presence of certain elements and compounds which can block the active sites on the Catalyst. These blockages can reduce the efficiency of the system, ultimately causing pollutants to rise, and potentially damage to the SCR exhaust system and warranty of your vehicle.

By choosing EcoBlue AUS32  you are guaranteed the highest quality AUS32  on the market, produced to ISO 22241 Standard and independently tested prior to release

How much AUS32  do I need?

Average consumption of AUS32  in Heavy Goods Vehicles and Buses is approximately 3-4% of 100 liters diesel consumption.

These are just average consumption guidelines and the actual use will depend on the make and model of the vehicle and the driving style. The amount of AUS32  consumed is directly proportional to the amount of diesel used, so driving more economically will consume less AUS32  along with less diesel.

AUS32  Characteristics

Appearance:                      Clear odourless liquid.

Shelf Life:                           Recommended shelf life is 12 months

Freezing Point:                 – 11°C

Handing:                             Corrosive to Iron, copper, bronze and some aluminium alloys

                                                Store only in AUS32  approved containers and tanks

Storage:               Recommended storage is out of direct sunlight and avoid extreme temperature fluctuations.

In case of skin or eye contact rinse with plenty of Water

What happens if I forget to fill up my AUS32  tank?

All vehicles are equipped with a warning signal when your AUS32  tank is running low and will advise you to fill up as soon as possible. Because the rate of use of AUS32  is much less that diesel, there should be plenty of time to find a supplier of AUS32. However, if the AUS32  tank becomes empty, the vehicle will be unable to start and roadside assistance will be required.