AUS32  Applications

  1. A smart choice for Vehicle and the Environment

Key benefits of Ecoblue  AUS32

It protects SCR Systems

As the purity of AUS32 by EcoBlue is closely controlled, it does not damage SCR Systems

It reduces fuel consumption

AUS32 by EcoBlue cuts fuel consumption by 5% – without reducing engine output

It Reduces Exhaust Emissions

The amount of NOX in exhaust gas can be reduced by 85 – 95%.

Its environment friendly

AUS32  by EcoBlue is fully biodegradable and does not pollute water and soil.

It helps vehicles meet the latest emission standards

AUS32 by EcoBlue helps vehicle comply with BS IV AND BS VI and above Emission Standards

It has long Shelf Life

AUS32 by EcoBlue has shelf life of Least 12 months when stored under recommended conditions

It is delivered in Liquid Form

As AUS32 by EcoBlue is supplied in liquid form, its easy to store and deploy.

2. Advantages against Low quality Urea Solution

Low-Quality aqueous Urea Solution

  • Reduced SCR System Lifespan
  • Increased emission of pollutants
  • Clogged Catalytic Converter
  • Clogged exhaust and injector

AUS32  by EcoBlue

  • Reduces maintenance cost
  • Extends SCR System lifespan
  • Ensures SCR System efficiency
  • Improves fuel economy

How AUS32  works in SCR System

The SCR system injects AUS32 directly into the exhaust stream. When it enters the catalytic converter, it reacts with nitrous oxides from the combusted diesel producing non-hazardous, naturally occurring nitrogen and water. Due to its outstanding purity, AUS32 by EcoBlue neither damages the SCR system nor reduces its lifespan.

3. Usage recommendation


  • Store AUS32 away from direct light.
  • Beyond 30°C, EcoBlue AUS32 starts decomposing.
  • EcoBlue AUS32 freezes at -11°C. The automatic warming system of vehicle will allow making AUS32 liquid again within 20 minutes after engine starts.
  • If EcoBlue AUS32 is stored outside vehicle tank, gently thaw it, it can then be used normally again.
  • Keep EcoBlue AUS32 equipment clean, away from dust and dirt.
  • EcoBlue AUS32 shelf life is around 12 Months.

Note: Shelf life depends on its storage conditions, and especially on the temperature in the storage location.


  • Use EcoBlue AUS32 delivered into dedicated and sealed EcoBlue AUS32 package.
  • EcoBlue AUS32 is classified non-hazardous: in case of contact with skin or clothes, the recommendation is to rinse with water.
  • EcoBlue AUS32 has corrosive action on certain metals in case of spilling, rinse with water.
  • Do not use equipment (bucket, etc.) used for other liquids to refill or store EcoBlue AUS32
  • Close tightly the EcoBlue AUS32 bucket, container after refill.

The risk of mixing  EcoBlue AUS32 * Diesel:

  • Never mix EcoBlue AUS32 with water or any other substances, in particular with Diesel.
  • Mixing of EcoBlue AUS32 and diesel is very risky because it will DAMAGE SCR & repair cost will be very high

4. Application

A broad range of applications

AUS32 by EcoBlue can be deployed in all diesel engines that feature SCR technology in BS IV AND BS VI compliant engines – including those in buses, trucks, ships, cars, stationary and mobile power plants, and mining, construction and agricultural vehicles.