About Us

A Trusted Name In
(Diesel Exhaust Fluid) under the trade mark of Eco Blue.

Maxium Purity

While sending Material to Customers we test samples how good the product is.

5 Steps Filtration

We use a new type of Filtration to produce the best quality AdBlue.

Quality Certified

1.ISO 22241
2.Certified by VDA

Product Information

Technically it is a colourless, synthetically produced 32.5% solution of urea with 67.5% deionized water. AdBlue® is non-toxic and 100% environment friendly . It is easy to store and user friendly with no ill effects.

Filtration Process

By Using New Filtration System we produce high-level quality AdBlue which can use more effectively and efficiently.

Deep Cleanse & Chemical Removal

it reduces dust particles and salt content and other major minerals.

Micro Extraction & Sterlisation

it reduces all micro dust and other bacteria in water by using UV rays.

Chlorein Disinfection For Mineral Water

we used Super Filtaration System which can remove every single particle in Adblue.

How It Works